Friday, November 7, 2008

How do I sign up for MOPS?

To sign up for MOPS, please call First Baptist Church at 570-275-1511. You will be directed to the appropriate contact person for MOPS. Please let us know in advance that you plan to attend, so we can be sure to arrange childcare for your child(ren).

You are welcome to try out your first meeting for free. After this, there is a registration fee of $23.95 per year, which registers you with MOPS International.
For our local meeting, there is a fee of $3 per mom and $1 per child (excluding babes in arms) to help defray expenses. You will receive several helpful resources, including:

-MOMSense Magazine - Bi-monthly magazine for a full year of mothering expertise, parenting tips and fun things to do with your preschoolers

-MyMOPS Online Benefits - A weekly inspirational email, and access to benefits updated each month that include things like mom and kid activities, contests, coupons, author discussions and free music downloads

An easy-read Book - The book corresponds to the year's MOPS theme, and includes reflections, perspective and inspiration to help you through your mothering journey.

Scholarships are be available if needed, and information about these can be obtained by speaking with our Finance Team Leader. All scholarship information will remain confidential.

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